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Essentials.TF: May Monthly Cup Announcement


Essentials.TF Monthlies have arrived at the month of May! STN Trading and Demos.tf continue to sponsor the EU edition. The rules are the same as the Monthly before, but there are a few changes in this month’s whitelist. Check the post below for further details!

EU Monthly Sponsored by STN Trading and Demos.tf:

  • Play dates: 5th-6th May
  • Prizepool: €1000
    • 1st Place: €600
    • 2nd Place: €300
    • 3rd Place: €60
    • 4th Place: €60

— Signup Here —

The rules for the tournament will be the same and will be slightly different from the norm in a bid to bring us to a place that can be easily picked up by new players and spectators along with moving to the goal of opening up the whitelist by having the totally broken weapons fixed. This month, several items have been added to the whitelist. These items include: the Fists of Steel, Atomizer, Beggar’s Bazooka, and the Sydney Sleeper.

The main differences from other leagues are the following:

  • 5CP maps only
  • Class limits: 2 for each of scout and soldier; 1 for all other classes
  • Win limit: 5 rounds with a 30 min timer
  • The whitelist can be seen here

You can catch all of the action live on the Essentials.TF Twitch channel

If you would like to give any feedback or just say hello then join the Essentials.TF Discord or on Twitter.

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